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April 06, 2017  •  2 Comments

Smiles are Contagious...

I was warned...getting these rugged men to smile would be impossible!  I took to the challenge, and pulled out all of the stops.  I wish I could say it was completely intentional, however not the case.  In fact, if there was one phrase that could have been taken away from this session it might have been "Oh no you didn't!"  because that is probably what this family was thinking about their photographer!  Yes, these laughs are 100 percent a result of the ridiculousness of me...and the mistaken hand holding, the run away bunny, the dog poo, and the numerous other instances that took place that made this one of my top ten memorable photo sessions of all time.  In love with these photos and the laughter that they bring me!  Enjoy!

and one more....

this is what Sierra looks like after trudging through bushes, trees, and shrubs to capture the runaway bunny!  What a sport!


Janet kerchinski(non-registered)
These are awesome! Love them!
Megan Rowan(non-registered)
Sara these are amazing! Thank you so much for everything you did that day! And thank you for capturing our awesome big family and just letting us go with it! I can't wait to see the rest of them!
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