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Welcome to Sara Haines Photography located in Brookville, PA. Thanks for stopping by! Our site is where you can find everything you need to book the session of your dreams, purchase from our online store, and see all of the beauty from our client sessions. 


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I'm a lot like many of you.  I'm a working mom with a crazy-busy life and a mild coffee addiction.  I love, love, love my children, including my beloved dog Max, and follow them with a camera, hoping to photograph every little detail of their lives.  My husband is my best friend, and nothing is more important to me than my family.  I also love to play basketball, run, and read when I can find the time.
And like many women, I struggle with how fast time seems to fly by.  That's one of the reasons I'm in love with photography.  It lets me freeze all those beautiful moments that whiz by too fast!  And so, when a client tells me, "I just want to get some portraits taken before he loses those chubby cheeks," I totally get it.  Or, "I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing!" I get that, too.  And I especially get it when someone says, "I feel awful--it's been six years since our last family photo!"
So call me.  We'll plan your session, we'll have a great time, and you'll love your pictures!
If you want fun, unique, artistic portraits, then we’ll make a great team! If you are looking for perfect poses with perfect hair and perfect smiles… then I’m not your girl. I want to capture those little moments that are special to you. True interactions, true emotions. Your images will tell the story of you. I will guide you through the shoot but I always encourage my clients to be themselves and have a good time with each other. By using natural light and unique locations, we capture artwork that could never be created in a studio.


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